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 Today is Monday  the 24th and  tomorrow will be Tuesday the 25th of April 2017


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You can't have your cake and have it.


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Circulez, il n’y rien à voir: move along, there’s nothing to see

Noyer le poisson: to bury the lead, to wag the dog, to evade the issue, to cloud the issue

Revers de la médaille: flip side of the coin, other side of the coin, the other side of the medal

Contre vents et marées: against all odds, come hell or high water

Arriver comme un cheveu sur la soupe: to turn at the awkward

Servir la soupe: to suck up

La messe est dite: the die is cast, the fat lady has sung, the writing’s on the wall

Payer au lance-pierre: to pay peanuts, to underpay, to pay a low price

Payer au noir: to pay off the books

Souffler le chaud et le froid: to blow hot and cold

Image d’Épinal: stereotype, idealized image

Bon an mal an: through good times and bad, taking the good years with the bad

Laver plus blanc que blanc: to be beyond reproach, to be squeaky clean

C'est la Bérézina: it’s a bitter defeat, it’s a lost cause

Avoir du nez: to have foresight

Avoir le nez dans le guidon to be extremely focused

Être un second couteau: to be second banana

Il faut savoir raison garder: one must keep one's temper, one must keep safe-control

S'emmêler les pinceaux: to get muddled up, to get confused

Loin s'en faut: far from it, not by a long chalk, by a country mile